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KING KALM™ CBD Soothe - Itch Relief Spray

KING KALM™ CBD Soothe - Itch Relief Spray



Hot Spot & Dog Itch Spray helps control pain, itching and inflammation associated with hot spots or acute moist dermatitis. Hot spots or dermal abrasions in dogs & other pets can be caused by several reasons this can lead to a dog scratching and licking and causing further problems. 
KING KALM SOOTHE: Includes the very powerful active ingredients Cannabidiol (CBD) which can control inflammation at the dermal level as well as reduce the urge to lick or scratch.  
KING KALM SOOTHE is the perfect paws & snout soother for dogs with skin irritations, dermal fungus, cuts, scrapes or itchy dry skin. Contains ingredients that can help minimize the chance of infection. 
Ingredients: broad spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), chamomile, colloidal silver, aloe vera, tea tree oil (natural mosquito repellent), hemp seed oil.  Made with natural and essential oils and no chemicals or hazardous ingredients. Safe if ingested. Net wt. 4 oz. 

Directions: Spray directly on the affected area.  Apply as needed. Consult with your Vet prior to use


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Carriers: We use UPS & USPS.  A tracking number will be sent to the email on file once your order ships.  

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Countries that do NOT accept CBD/Hemp: Australia, Canada, Russia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia, Due to strict CBD import laws, we are not able to ship to these locations. We hope this will change soon.

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